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Rubber Soul Brewing Co.

Project Details: Brewery Build Out

Summer 2020

136 S. Hanover Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036

Trinity Construction turned the old Hummelstown Borough municipal building into a fully functioning brewery, tasting room and restaurant. The project was completely self-performed by the Trinity Crew for Joe Perkins and his partners at Ghost Brewing.

Project Performance by Trinity Construction, LLC:

General Contractor and management for the entire build out, oversaw, coordinated, and planed the entire project from start to finish.


Design of the initial conceptual plans were performed in house prior to Architectural and Engineering final plans, on the fly design ideas were executed in house during construction as this was a property built for us by us.


Demo, removed all existing interior walls, fixtures, and finishes to gut the property back to studs ready for rebuild.

Structural, removed sections of the exterior walls to open up and install large garage doors including installing new headers.

Concrete, removed the entire floor system of the building for access to service lines and rebuilt the whole entire new floor of the building.

Framing, framed all interior walls as per the new proposed layouts using metal studs.

Deck, custom built the decks on the front of the building.


HVAC, removed all the existing heating and ventilation systems throughout the building and installed a new furnace and AC system, ran all new duct lines, supply and return and installed new thermostats. Installation of the AC units included installing new curbs on the existing roof.

Plumbing, removed all the old existing plumbing throughout the building and installed all new supply and waste lines. Installed new water heaters for the building and hook up. All water supply lines were installed using pex and copper piping and all waste lines were installed using PVC piping.

Sprinklers, installed a complete new sprinkler system in the building where at first there was none. This included installing a new tap-in to the water main supply line running through the nearest street and bringing the supply into the building and hooking up all water supply to the building to feed the new sprinkler system. We also installed all new sprinkler lines and heads.

Electric, removed the existing electrical system in the house, installed new 200-amp panels and all new wiring throughout for all new electrical supply lines.

Carpentry, custom built the entire property, custom built doors, custom built bar, railing, fireplace, walk in cooler, new trim, stairs, cabinetry, and millwork for the building throughout.

Flooring, polished concrete floors were installed in the main areas, but we also installed tile in the bathrooms.

Insulation, installed all new insulation throughout the building on all floors, ceilings, and walls.

Drywall, hung, taped, and finished all drywall throughout the building.

Painting, painted all wall surfaces, ceilings and trim work including all the doors for the building.

Windows, installed new garage doors for windows in the building.

Landscaping, reworked the entire property for new landscaping including repaving the parking lot.

Brew Equipment, we set up the entire brewing equipment to function as a brewery including all lines, heaters, coolers, and storage.

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